Sunday, 29 July 2007

We're on the road!

Wahoo! Finally :)

We picked Charlie the Camel up on Friday morning and it looks like he came out the container unscathed which was excellent news for us, only thing was all the little 'Land Rover Spiders' (part number AEU28570) had loved having the 110 all to themselves so the little hoover Nan and Granddad gave me came in quite useful for getting rid of all the cobwebs! :)

We hit the road... and then turned around! Dan had left his phone on the seat of the car which belonged to the nice lady from the container transporting company! A quick phonecall from the office later and she returned (very kind of her) to Dan looking sheepish. The people we have dealt with regarding the shipping have all been very friendly and tolerant so for that we are very grateful.

When we finally got on the road again we decided to hit the intersate. Having spent 2 weeks in New York/New Jersey and Maryland we wanted to start heading north. Luckily the interstates are easy to understand and we soon found ourselves heading for the first campsite in Andover (lol!) New Jersey, Panther Lake. A private site with lots of lovely lakes and stuff, but more important - BLACK BEARS! I couldn't belive it, I thought we had at least a few weeks before we reached bear country, but apparently not. I spent so much time organising getting here I really should of done more research into what's actually here. Still, the frige is air-tight and we followed all instructions so got through the night without being eaten ;)

After 2 weeks of lovely weather it's only right that I should tell you it poured down all night! Massive thunderstorms and pathways that turned into rivers, but being in the rooftent we had no problems :)

The next day we headed off north again, taking the local roads this time. We also managed to find a mall in which i brought excellent lighter trousers (Jeans not funny in this weather) and nike stuff for about 98p... :) The scenery's lovely, the houses amazing and last night we also discovered the joys of State Park campsites :) Clean showers and toilets with beautiful scenery all for £8 a night for both of us. Bargain. Will try to use more of them.

We're spending today doing some scenic trails and driving towards Cape Cod which we aim to hit tomorrow as we were told it was best to avoid at the weekends. Either tomorrow of tuesday we're getting our Mountain Bikes (as nothing's open today - Sunday) so we can do some of the lovely trails we've aready found.

We've discovered all Holiday Inn's have free internet and are handily advertised everywhere, so should be able to update the blog with relative frequency, will sort some pics out for next time too :)


Nicky said...

Hi guys and glad to hear you are on the road at long last. Have fund and mind the bears!

Nigel4x4 said...

Whaaa Hoooo!
So glad you're finally on the road - I was getting a bid depressed at all the tourism talk and wanted the real adventure to begin ;o)
Where's the Pics!!!
love to both,

Margery said...

Nike stuff at 98p..what was it..wristbands? or a ping pong ball? maybe a pair of sox!