Thursday, 26 July 2007

..The Cheesecake Factory! Oh, and Baltimore..

We tend to avoid the 'chain' resturants if we can, but we've heard people talking about 'The Cheescake Factory' around here so we thought it would be worth checking out :)

It was. The food was excellent and there was a huge choice, it's the first time since we've arrived that to be honest, it would have been satisfactory to order one main meal and a side salad for both of us. We've got by so far by only having breakfast and one main meal but even that today was far too much. Luckily enough, the waiter guy Jeff was a good man and put the rest of the lovely cheescakes we'd ordered for pudding in a little carton for breakfast! lol! Cheesecake for breakfast. Perfeck. (note to self: Go to gym tomorrow)

As for Baltimore, we arrived back this afternoon to the news that Charlie had cleared customs - WAHOO! Just got to wait for him to be transported to the collection area now, which with anyluck will happen tomorrow and we can (fingers and toes crossed) pick him up on Friday.

We explored Inner Harbour tonight, there was a baseball match going on but being more of a basketball girl we avoided that and took a stroll instead. Lots of streetside entertainers (including an excellent Doo-Wop group and a little Dave wannabe playing with fire). Lovely atmosphere but we'll head back there tomorrow for a better look and trip to the aquarium during the day.

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