Sunday, 22 July 2007

Washington's National Mall - wow

What an excellent day :)

The sun was shining when we woke up, temp in the high 80's all day today which made us think of all of you in Billing's mudbath (still would have loved to have been there :) ), Berkshire even made 'the weather channel' this morning (my new favourite past time!), the flooding looks scary! Hope everyone's ok and Hampshire isn't too affected.

We decided to spend the day walking around the National Mall (not the shopping kind). On our way there we stumbled across the National Treasury and figuring the US of A has lots of money we thought we'd ask if they'd fund the next Flying Spanners trip to Ladoga... but they wouldn't let us in.

Not to be perturbed we completed the short walk to the White House (we're staying on the same road don't'chaknow - it's alot smaller in 'real life') and thought we'd ask the President if he could spare the cash... but they wouldn't let us in there either. Sigh. At least we tried :)

Shortly after that there was a security alert which meant we were all rushed from the gate as the fire engines and Police cars came rushing past, we're hoping it was nothing to do with dodgy people with Russian t-shirts on looking for money....

We completed our walk down to Capitol Hill, looked at the building (no sign of Will Smith or giant Alien crafts) and the free botanical gardens (very relaxing) and walked up the National Mall to the Washington Monument (very big, 555ft actually), past the WWII memorial (very moving), reflecting pool (very green) and up to the Lincoln Memorial (very marbley). Stunning scenery and a lovely relaxing day after the hustle of New York.

Sadly the excellnt pub we found yesterday called the 'Froggy Bottom' (in Foggy Bottom) wasn't open, so we settled on a TGi's (because it was there) before heading back for an early night before rushing back to Baltimore tomorrow.

Tracey - that sun cream you recommended is excellent, I know because I forgot to put some on a bit and that bit's now very red! lol! P20 for anyone who's interested.


Margery said...

Wooooo! the power of the comment ! Mention TGIs, and where do you go.... nuf sed! Hope agents are sensible this time! do landrovers get claustrophobia? I would have thought so, being outdoor types!

Margery said...

No mention of Mr Potter yet, Jen- don't tell me you haven't a)seen the film yet or b) read the last book! (I finished mine by 11.30 sun nite - not bad cosidering the postie didn't leave it until 9.30 sat!!) I think I'll go back and read it properly now. Now, this is wot happens.... well, maybe not!