Thursday, 26 July 2007

The end is near...

Of our wait, that is. Had a phone call from Bridget this afternoon, we will be getting picked up at 10am from the hotel lobby tomorrow morning and taken to the warehouse to collect Charlie Camel! So please excuse me while I go all American for a moment... WHOOP, YEAH, OH MY GAAAAAAD, WHOOP!!! :-)

The cities we've been to have been fantastic, but we hoped to be on the road a week ago, so we are kinda looking forward to tomorrow!

The temperature here in Baltimore at the mo is about 88, so we're off for a swim before going out to celebrate :-)


Ron said...

Go Go Charlie Camel! Look out US, here he comes! Looking forward to hearing you're on your first site and doing the holiday as intended!!

Margery said...

******88 and going for a swim...grrr - some of us aren't on holiday...we're taking scouts (and cubs and beavers aaargh!AND their parents(even worse!)) to camp!