Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Last day in DC

Everywhere I look people are reading Harry bloomin Potter books... on the trains, on the buses, at the stations, in the street... everywhere!

Got up late today as it's our last full day here in DC and eventually made our way down to the Space and Aeronautical museum. Its free to get in dont'ya'know :-) Now, I'm not really a museum person, but this place kept me busy until they kicked us out at 5pm.
We then thought we'd get the Metro over to the Pentagon, take a couple of pics before heading back to Foggy Bottom... Bit of a waste of time as you ain't allowed to take pics of the Pentagon and from ground level it just looks like any other office building. Hey ho, back on the Metro and back to the Froggy Bottom pub for a bite to eat and another couple of beers... I'm gonna miss that place.

All the sunshine we've had, I've now got burnt ears! LOL :-)


Blippie said...

Incidentally, did I mention it is pissing down here?


Helen & Chris

Margery said...

Better borrow some of Jen's sunscreen Dan!!

Graham said...

So where is the bloody Camel???

Graham said...

We require daily update, that means on a daily basis, go it.