Saturday, 21 July 2007

(lack of) Shopping in New York!

...Mm. Forgot I'm not really a shopping person! :) Lasted a whole hour before I thought it best to get on and see some more sights. Admittedly I couldn't find the 6 story 'Nike' shop and if I could it would have been a whole other story!

So, popped into the Grand Central Station, part of it was still shut off due to the huge steam explosion yesterday, but saw most of it and it was stunning. I love the buildings here in New York, they've been a really pleasent suprise, lots and lots of history for such a 'young' Country.

Got another call from the shipping agents ... they were suprised the Landy was in a container! Which suprised us due to all the conversations we'd had with them about the Container!! We now have to head back to Baltimore to sign more papers (the equivalent of a Carnet), despite already sending quite a few back. Still, these things have to be done and tbh I'll do anything to get Charlie through at the moment!

Oh well. That's life. A lovely Italian meal helped calm the nerves and I finally managed to pick up a bit of New York cheescake on our last night in New York before we head off to Washington tomorrow...


Margery said...

Hi guys - oh dear, Jen, you obviously need me to do the shopping thing properly! - to quote - "why do I always spent money when I go shopping with you, Mum!!" Maybe you forgot the compulsory coffee/coke stop, or was it the TGI lunch! Hope Charlie is restored to his Mum and Dad soon - he must be getting very lonely by now!

Graham said...

Oh Dear, no shopping in New York, still only America to go, good luck with getting Charlie out of his box