Sunday, 15 July 2007

We're here!

Wow, what a day! We were up bright and breezy this morning, Moo gave us a lift to Southampton Parkway railway station. An hour and a bit train ride to Woking and then a coach to Heathrow. Total journey time about from leaving the house to checking in just under 3 hours. With the flight not leaving until 1pm we had some time to kill so splashed out on probably the last full english breakfast of the year!
We boarded the Boing 767 and the flight took off about 15 mins late. I'd forgotten how boring long haul flights can be, but the in-flight entertainment system was quite good despite there being a dodgey headphones connection!
We landed at Baltimore and the cabin crew made an announcement that approximately 100 bags had been left behind at Heathrow. Fortunately for us, ours weren't in amongst that lot :-)
So anyway, I've just switched my phone on and got a text from Brookies Steve (Cheers matey!!)
It's about 32degrees C here, so pretty warm :-)
The light tram system got us from the airport to the hotel in about 20 mins, and here I am in our room, on the 7th floor of the Holiday Inn... WOW!! Its just coming up to midnight back home, 7pm here. Jen is in the shower, and I stink, so I'm going in next. Gonna grab some grub and a beer then I reckon we'll end up getting an early night.

WOW... We're in America!


Ron said...

Hi Jen & Dan,
The bags and BA are a joke. Glad you've got all yours!
Sounds like the Michelob might be just the think even if its not a proper beer like Old Speckled Hen or Spitfire.
Jen, your Mums missing you already!! so Expect plenty of emails:-)
Glad you got their safely. Have a great time.

Graham said...

You lucky buggers. Hope you have a super time. 23degrees yeah. You will be pleased to know the the rate of exchange is now $2.04 to the £. so you can therefore feel free to send a text!!!
Keep us up to date.Graham/farter.

trevorh said...

Yo you Yanky dudes. Glad you had a safe journey - trapped in the Holiday Inn - oh well, musn't grumble.

Just tucking into my bacon sandwich (know as strips over their)

Take care both

Grandad said...

Smashing to know you arrived safely but why did poor Dan have to wait outside the shower while you had the clean water? Have a super time we shall keep up with you from day to day and wonder why you would't let me carry the bags??
All our Love Nanny and GD

Blippie said...

It's pissing down here.


Helen & Chris