Friday, 15 June 2007

MOT - we passed!

Took Charlie down for his MOT on Tuesday. Having spent the last couple of months doing anything and everything that looked even the slightest bit suspect, I had high hopes. I'd spent ages tweaking the fuel pump and trying to get that to a level where there wasn't too much smoke. I'd checked all the lights and all the other obvious bits. But...
You always forget something, don't ya! I'd completely forgotten to check the number plate light. My MOT man picked up on it, but being the good man that he is, pointed me in the direction of his screwdriver and his bulb collection. Funny, even with fully working bulbs, it was still a bit touch and go as the lense was covered in mud... on the inside... ooops!
He also mentioned that the emmissions were spot on, so I gave myself a pat on the back for sorting that out too :-)
Only advisory was that the A frame ball joint had a tiny bit of play in it and the fog light although it worked is a bit tempermental. So I now have a fog light to fit and need to chat up a friend with a hydraulic press to do the A frame ball joint.

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Margery said...

Phew! Hope mine goes thru so easily next week - even if it is a boring old bus!! Had to be the first to comment after Jen set me up to do it!!