Monday, 18 June 2007

A few more odd jobs done

After work on Friday night I decided to get on with the forms that Bridget at Dartrans needs to get Charlie Camel into the US. It turns out that I need to get one of the forms noterized. Up until that evening, I had never heard that word before so had no idea what it meant!! Basically it means that the all important Power or Attorney form needs to be witnessed by somebody with the power to do so. Now, most of us would just ask a friend or neighbour, but having spoken to Dartrans, they would prefer a "qualified" person and a stamp to show they are legally able to witness stuff. So today I phoned a couple of solicitors. Blake Lapthorn said they could do it for the extortionate sum of £100+VAT!!! So Jen found another company, Paris Smith and Randal in Southampton who said they'd do it for twenty quid... I cancelled the appointment at Blake Lapthorn!

Weekend just gone...

With the nice shiny new MOT in hand and a couple of advisory points, I spent sunday with a hangover doing bits to the car again.

Finally got the front shock fitted. I didn't fit them at Eastnor as I did the rear ones 'cos I has one of the locating washers missing from the pack. I went to see Devon 4x4 at the show (they originally supplied the shocks) and explained to them that I had one missing. Fortunately for me they had plenty of spare at the show so where able to give me another one.

In the afternoon we went round to abuse Richard's workshop. He has a hydraulic press and the A frame ball joint on the back axle needed changing. You need a press to do this so we stopped in and drank loads of tea before getting the job done. In exchange for Richards generosity, I drank some more of his tea... and then gave him a hand fitting the new exhaust system to his other halfs Freelander.

Oh, and I sorted out that dodgey rear fog light that was so nearly the cause of an MOT failure!!

All in all, a productive weekend.

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