Thursday, 28 June 2007

American car insurance

... is far more complicated than UK car insurance!
Actually, thats probably not true, but it certainly feels that way.
Anyway, I have just settled the bill for 5 months US insurance that gives us maximum protection for the duration of our trip... all for the luvely chubbly sum of $809 (at todays rates, thats about £400) which I don't think is bad for a foreign vehicle with foreign drivers, a fully loaded policy to cover a fully loaded vehicle for 5 months.
Tina Jenkins at Sunrise insurance in Florida provided the insurance through their foreign insurance program. She has been incredibly helpful throughout my insurance investigations and from the outset provided all the information we needed. There aren't many companies in the USA that deal with this sort of policy... I found 3 in total. There may be more but they aren't well advertised. I contacted one other company who had exactly the same forms to fill out as Sunrise, but wanted far too much info out of me at the beginning when all I wanted was a quote. It turns out that the policy would have been underwritten by the same company as used by Sunrise, but the quotation process was just too long winded for my liking. So Sunrise got my credit card number ;-)

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