Sunday, 9 September 2007

Knew I forgot something! Northern Lights

What we didn't realise when staying in Fairbanks was that we'd caught the beginning of the northern lights season - Fairbanks gets this about 240nights a year, not bad eh? We only realised whilst talking to another camper from South Africa - so a couple of night ago we vowed to stay up. We were lucky and managed to see something too! What started of as a whitish glow got greener as it got darker and moved across the sky over the course of about 30 minutes:

We set the alarm clock for 2am, but it had clouded over by then. We didn't see the full on green/red etc. apparently it gets better as the season goes on, but then we couldn't hang around - it was getting colder!


Nigel4x4 said...

You just know that there's so many special things going on in your life if you can "forget' the Northern Lights.

Flying said...

Hi guys, just checking you're still alive :D

Foot'n'Mouth is ruining our fun here, can't go playing at Brick Kiln this weekend so my first muddy trip in Eddie will be Seven Sisters - hope I don't do a Moglite!

Have fun, I expect a good article for the Christmas newsletter!

Graham said...

Well, were the devil are you know then, this is like withdrawl symptons, with out more pretty pictures and write ups.

Graham said...