Sunday, 5 August 2007

Mountain Bike Mayhem

Today we got up really early… about 8:30am which is mighty impressive. Our plan today was to be on the road by 9. Hahaaaaa! About 10:30 we rolled out of the campsite.
We headed out to Attitash. This, we had been assured, had some more interesting biking trails. What a place. During the winter months it is a ski resort. When the snow melts they use the ski lifts to transport bikes and riders to the top of the slopes so they can get their fix of adrenaline. We asked at the bike shop and were told that the routes were all either hard-intermediate, extreme, or double or triple X-treme! YOIKS! So after all the ‘mountain bike’ trails we’d been on that turned out to be paved roads, off we went thinking that the hard-intermediate would be a good level for us. HA! Within the first 2 minutes of riding I’d gone over the handlebars and Jen had managed to graze her leg. This was more like it! We’d been told that it was possible to get to the bottom of the route we chose in around 15 mins! We did it in about 40…. LOL… And I went over the handlebars again. It’s worth noting here as you all think that we took ages, a lot of the intermediate routes could only be accessed by riding through XX sections, I love American planning!
I decided to have another go and this time managed to get all the way to the bottom without falling off, but I REALLY need to get the brakes swapped over, cos they are all american and back to front at the mo.
We then had a go on the sled things… a bit like bobsleigh, but with wheels… very cool.
After a massive pizza over the road at Matty B's, we headed north west and checked into the Little River state park campsite in Vermont… Another cheap and cheerful with good amenities and a magnificent view from the rooftent. The reason for being here is that we are about 2 miles from the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream factory near Montpelier. I don’t know what Jen is gonna do with herself once we’ve been there, it’s all she’s been lookin forward to!
As the night drew in the stars came out… WOW… it’s a lovely clear night and you can see more stars than you could ever hope to see at home. Steve’s telescope would have been handy, but eyesight is good enough… within 5 minutes I had spotted a load of satellites going over.

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