Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Pictures added!

I've added the pictures to the two latest posts below so you can see what we've been upto :-)

Nothing much to add today, we only got up at 11am! Spending a nice day relaxing by the pool/hot tub and the coast. Planning on sorting out Charlie for his trip home when I finish procrastinating!

Weather: Sunny with a nice breeze. Lucky eh?


Margery said...

drag yourself out of the hot tub and get on with it! If I can't be in a hot tub in Florida, nor can you!

Margery said...

Is it Sea World for your birthday, then Jen?

Richardhawes said...

Hi guys glad you are having fun but also glad you are ready to come home, we have missed you. Dan is mad its the official verdict throwing yourself down a vertical plastic chute with a bit of water in it proves it! waiting for the snow to arrive in the south they are predicting wintery shower this weekend. Bet we dont get any really tho. Tracy and I have some news for you when you both get back.

Grandma Louise said...

Happy birthday. I'm told it is on the 22nd. Just another year in a wonderful lifetime. Have a super day.

The Farter said...

Like the gummy alligator, probably still does have a bite, I reckon.
Time for the holiday to start now then, sitting on the beach, and relaxing, only 20,000 miles late.
Terrible question, when do you leave, or do I have to read all your notes, yes, read the notes.