Thursday, 29 November 2007


Well, that really is it now. We checked into a Motel in Linden last night and had a meal at the really nasty diner next door. 2 Lasagne's, 1 hot choc, as many pepsi re-fills as you want, 1 side salad and 1 extra large portion of Garlic Bread... all in for £10!
This morning we got up and drove 5 miles to the car hire place to pick up our Kia Optima (sounds remarkably like a battery to me!) with Sat-Nav :-) Jen punched in the shipping company's address in Linden and set off, me in Charlie Camel following close behind.
15 minutes later we arrived at Pembroke Shippings warehouse, sorted out paperwork and were then informed by the nice lady with the face like thunder that it would be at least 4 weeks until the car ships to England! HUH!!! 4 weeks... Steve (Kingstown), if you are reading this expect an email! Gutted! So it probably won't be until the end of January that we see Charlie Camel again :-(
Having waved goodbye to Charlie, we jumped into the jap-crap, set the sat-nav destination to Baltimore airport, set the cruise control to 70mph and sulked our way here to the Holiday Inn Express. We are going out to get horibly pissed tonight to drown our sorrows. Then we'll probably do the same again tomorrow as we have to hang around at the airport for who-know-how-many hours. (Well, Dan will, I'm driving back from resturant... but I do get to eat Cheesecake... Mmm! Jen)
And to make matters worse, Jen has just started singing "And now the time is near!"

Dad, it's been an amazing trip, glad you and everybody else who has posted has enjoyed it.

So, now that we won't have a vehicle to play with off road I'm just gonna have to get cracking on Bertha! :-D


Flying said...

Arse barns about the shipping, tell the captain to put his foot down!

You can still go rock crawlin' in a Kia Optima can't you? Especially a hired one! :D

Margery said...

Rotten lousy shipping company :-( - I wouldn't send him email - I'd send a HUGE Howler!...Dan, you might have to ask Jen what that is as I believe you fell asleep in the last Harry Potter film! lol!

Margery said...

Think Jen might have a thing of two to say about the Bertha comment - thought it was George's turn now!!! - or are you just both going to be working on your own monsters and fighting over the tools? Kinda gives new meaning to the "house of flying spanners"" doesn't it? :-)

Richardhawes said...

HI you two, cant help with the off roader bit. (you should def get bertha sorted) but you can borrow my disco when you get back if you need to as you will be down to one car by then.

The Farter said...

4 weeks before Charlie ships, are you joking!!!!!!!! I thought you had some sort of programme regarding "Charlie in a box". What a plan, how will you exist when you get back to #18, Southampton.
As you say, this is now a prime chance to get Bertha on the road.
Blimey, you will be back tomorrow.
Is this now really over???????????

The Farter said...

What will it be like without any more blog. Presumably we are all blogged out. Is there life after this???